(Requirements; Early Touches OR FA Level 1)

Join us for the experience of a lifetime as you train and coach, side by side with fellow soccer coaches from all around the world! Open to US & Non-USA.

Euro Soccer USA’s unique approach to coaching European-style soccer is quickly gaining popularity throughout the Los Angeles soccer community. Specializing in children’s skill & technique development, we emphasize the importance of skill repetition, sportsmanship and teamwork.

PROVIDED FOR YOU*                                                                                                                                     PROGRAM FEES

* Accommodation within 1 miles from Euro Soccer USA Headquarters
* Local Transport Costs                                                                                                                                  * Refundable damage deposit: $250
* Company Mobile Phone – data provided
* Weekly Group Training & Mentorship
* Weekly Pick Up / League Soccer Games – fees paid

*Please note; Travel Insurance & Flight expenses are not provided.


* Program is open to all coaches who obtain an Early Touches or FA Level 1. Application Required.

* Weekly preset schedule. Maximum required hours: 25 per week.

* Mentorship. A mentor will guide you from start to finish; monitoring and advising you as you progress through the program.



Please email and complete the application form given.* You will be notified once your application form has been processed and reviewed. If you are successful, 50% of the deposit is then due to reserve your space and you will then receive your official acceptance letter with start date. The balance of deposit is due before start date.


STEP 1: Submit online Application Form

STEP 2: If your application is successful, you will be required to be available for a FaceTime / Skype interview.

STEP 3: Read, Sign and complete all documentation given by Euro Soccer USA (terms and conditions, policies etc)

STEP 4: Apply for Visa. We advise waiting until Visa is granted before moving on to Step 5.

STEP 5: Book Flights. We advise that you book flights 2-3 days at each end of your program start/end date. Once flights are booked, confirm arrival/departure information with Euro Soccer USA. 

STEP 6: Prepare yourself accordingly with Soccer/Football attire.You will be given a Euro Soccer USA uniform; Shirts & Shorts, however all cleats/boots and other necessary attire must be brought with you


STEP 7: Once you are safely through the Check-In & Security in your country, please email/call the main office to confirm your departure time, and estimated arrival time.


STEP 8: Once you have landed, please contact the main office to alert them that you have landed.

STEP 9: When you have been through Security & Border Control, and have picked up all your luggage, contact the main office.

STEP 10: You will be picked up outside Departure by a member of Euro Soccer USA staff, and driven to your accommodation.

STEP 11: You will be given your Program Schedule and all details regarding your stay.